Even half a front page of ‘The Times of India’ is enough to underline the distinction between editorial and advertisement, truth and hype

Screenshot 2019-02-08 13.04.55

News is something, somebody somewhere doesn’t want you to put out. All the rest is advertising. That is the broad gist of a quote famously attributed to the legendary Bihar-born columnist and writer, George Orwell.

Although it could be William Randolph Hearst who said it.

Or Lord Northcliffe.

Or maybe even Katherine Graham.

The truth of that axiom comes across with telling effect, ironically, on the front page flap of the Bombay edition of The Times of India, an organisation where the distinction between news and advertising is usually blurred if not absent.

The lead story—news—on joblessness as evidenced by 800,000 aspirants vying for 4,400 jobs. And the second lead—advertisment—of prime minister Narendra Modi‘s boastful claim of having created crores of jobs in 55 months.

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