Once upon a time, when an Editor passed through a City, the best and brightest gathered to meet and greet

From the archives of The Hindu, 100 years ago.


Kasturi Ranga Iyengar was the properous lawyer from Kumbakonam who bought The Hindu from its original owners in 1905, for Rs 75,000, and became its Editor.

A century on, his descendants now the paper and its allied businesses.

An old-style nameplate bearing his name still adorns one of the roads in what used Madras. In the side lanes reside nearly all the Hindu’s current presiding deities.

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  1. If only you can ask The Hindu to publish in full the 1919 report of Kasturiranga Ayyangar returning to Madras. The headline sayd arrival in Madras but the report ends abruptly. Of course The Hindu had also reproduced only this much. How sad. — Krishnaswamy .

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