‘Mainstream media is silent not because of legitimate fear but because of greed. As far as I know no MSM journalist has been killed thus far.’

Former Indian Express editor Arun Shourie, a minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government and now a prominent critic of Narendra Modi, speaking at The HinduLit for Life” event in Madras.

Inter alia:

“Never have we had as pervasive, as brazen, as systematic, and as prolonged an assault on ideas and on freedom, and on institutions that may protect freedom, as we have had in the last 4-5 years.

“It is centrally directed and it is implemented at all levels. So, central conception and direction, and sort-of decentralised implementation. And this is what makes it completely lethal.

“Because organisations have been set up and individuals have been primed and put forward to scuttle works, and with the specific design of plausible deniability. ‘No, no, no, some Hindu Sena is doing it, I’m not doing it. Main organisation is doing it’.

“Nor should we forget the other instrument that is being used and that is co-option. There is no doubt that today the mainstream media is today silent, not so much because of any legitimate fear but because of greed. That they depend on the State or they depend on institutions like businessmen who, then, depend on and are frightened of the State. So this is greed, not fear.

“In mainstream media, as far as I know, no journalist has thus far been killed.”

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  1. nava thakuria

    India continues to be dangerous for scribes

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