Bangalore is building the “Uber of Journalism” to take passengers to destinations spurned by mainstream media vehicle drivers

Deccan Herald screenshot of changemaker, Gangadhar Patil

Bangalore’s oldest English newspaper Deccan Herald has a special supplement on New Year’s Day ’19, of 19 “change makers”—either a Kannadiga, or someone who embodies the spirit of Karnataka—who are paving the way for a better tomorrow.

One of them is Gangadhar Patil, 33, the founder of 101Reporters, which the paper hails as the “Uber of Journalism”—connecting freelance journalists with potential publishers to take their media vehicles to unknown destinations in the hinterland.

I realised that there is a demand from the publishers for a lot of good stories, there are reporters who are ready to supply it. But there is somebody who needs to vet them, who needs to certify that these stories are fact-checked, good to go, and that somebody’s putting a stamp on it.

Deccan Herald

To be sure, there are plenty of news agencies and syndication services available for publishers.

What distinguishes 101 Reporters, writes issue editor Nikhil Kanekal, is that unlike PTI or IANS, Patil’s company is focused on enabling grassroots journalists from across India to pitch ideas and publish stories in a variety of mainstream news brands. Once a publisher expresses interest in a story, that story becomes exclusive to that publisher.

Read the full story here: Your Uber of Journalism is Here

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