When a newspaper Editor looked like a hippie

vinod mehta

Mainstream Indian (print) editors today are usually at their nattiest best, wearing carefully chosen Fab India kurtas if not designer clothes, trendy watches and slick spectacles, with not a strand out of place on their mane.

But there was a time, in 1971, when editors looked like Makarand Deshpande

Guess who this newspaper editor is?


  1. Dinesh

    Vinod Gupta?

  2. Jhilam Karanjai

    This is really not seen nowadays

  3. Harsh

    Radhakrishnan of Man’s World

  4. Rick

    Steve Jobs lookalike

  5. jayant

    vinod mehta

  6. Shah

    Of course, Vinod Mehta.

  7. Dinesh

    What’s the answer?

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