Is ‘corrupt, corporate media’ scared of AAP?

After hailing the Aam Aadmi Party’s breathtaking rise to power, in fact after paving the way for it with its somewhat uncritical coverage in its Team Anna avatar, much of the mainstream turned against Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal after he sat on a protest at a public square this week.

In fact, The Times of India, which led the wide-eyed gee-whiz coverage initially, felt duty-bound to run a comically self-important front-page clarification, explaining the sudden change in the tone, tenor and texture of its coverage.

Why, asks Vikram Muthanna, managing editor of the evening newspaper Star of Mysore. Is it because the media has too many skeletons to hide?

“The details of the Delhi incident of course were made murkier and louder by now what seems like an anti-AAP media.

“The same media which went hyper and showed us doctored tapes of AAP reportedly accepting cash, which some say cost Shazia Ilmi of AAP her seat, who lost by just 326 votes. But then once it was proved the tapes were doctored the raw footage was never shown.

“The man who made it, earlier was given ample screen, but was never brought back to be grilled. In the Delhi incident a media that gets a sound byte from all and sundry did not get too many residents’ opinions. There was also no clarity and consistency in reports, why?

“So while the media says the AAP Minister Somnath Bharti has brought bad name to India internationally, maybe selective journalism did too?

“The same media just before the elections said AAP will not get more than 6 to 10 seats, in a way encouraging voters not to waste their vote and stick with the winning horse, the BJP, only to be proved wrong.

“Is the Corporate owned media with other varied interests suddenly scared that too much anti-corruption may come knocking on their own doors or are they trying to play ball with BJP who is sure to win many more seats than any other party right now?”

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  1. R Sukumaran

    If anyone needed proof that our media has become rotten to the core, the sudden motivated campaign against AAP last week should dispel all doubts. When top newspapers break all norms of fairness and objectivity and opt for strident partisanship and selective reporting, it is cause for worry. News reports laced with heavy editorializing and opinion, trash tabloid-style headlines, ignoring inconvenient facts – our major media outlets have covered themselves with shame in the past few days. And I am not even talking about our news channels – any discerning viewer knows they are beyond redemption, given their sensationalism, herd mentality, juvenile anchors and lack of perspective. After being touted as a much-needed change agent only recently, Arvind Kejriwal and AAP have suddenly become the devil in the eyes of our big media. Do they really think the people are such fools to unquestioningly accept whatever crap they dish out? The truth is that most of our media outlets are heavily compromised, either due to commercial considerations or due to political affiliations and agendas. There are too many hidden skeletons within the fraternity, and the media does not want to stir the pot too much. Going with the establishment is still seen as the safe route. If a decrepit Delhi police force and a corrupt home minister are projected to be on the right side, it tells a lot on the current dismal state of our media. Also, with the BJP now seen as the winning horse for the general elections, media outlets appear to have retooled their agenda. Putting down Kejriwal will eliminate the key threat to Modi, and things can go according to plan with no nasty surprises. The gameplan may succeed, what at cost to the credibility of the media, which is already at a precipitous low?

  2. Swaminathan

    A good news medium should call a spade a spade in a free country like ours..

  3. nparamasivam1951

    The same media supportedAAP till the dharna. The way AAP disturbed the Delhi citizens for two days, the way Bharthi conducted himself, scolded leaders, the way the other front line leaders attacked media and confronted with every one in the TV discussions, the way AAP party men behaved with stone throwing and hooliganism was witnessed over TV, made the media to reflect the changed views of general public about AAP now. Hence we need not find fault on media.

  4. Arvind Kejriwal was media’s creation only.Pablo Picasso had once said:Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.

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