The UPA minister who is a TV news editor is…

Virendra Kapoor in The Sunday Guardian:


There is this senior minister in the UPA government, who is so sensitive to what the media says and writes about him that he invariably gets on the phone to the media owner to complain against even a passing mention which may not be too complimentary about him.

Like the other day, he SMSed a popular television anchor, asking him to immediately replace a panellist debating the Assembly election results because what the panellist said about the fallout of the outcome on the minister’s own re-election chances was highly pessimistic.

Of course, the anchor retained the said panellist for the entire duration of the programme.


  1. Sam

    This is a good example of the kind of journalism that brings a bad name to the fourth estate. The insinuations and vagueness only feeds the gossipy trolls and cast aspersions on the integrity of the journalist.

    If true, why be a coward and not name the minister?

    1. chinu

      absolutely right !

  2. Let me guess – most likely it is MMS.


  3. Goldstar

    Kapil Sibal

  4. jayant

    kapil sibal

  5. You idiots, it is a Personal Computer!

    1. chinu

      may be Motor transport

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