POLL: Is sexual harassment rampant in media?

Shocking and disgraceful as it is, l’affaire Tarun J. Tejpal is sadly not the only incident of a sexual predator lurking around Indian newsrooms.  Except that,  in this case, a brave journalist—and her equally brave colleagues—broke the code of omerta and let the world know what was happening.

But Delhi is not India, one magazine is not the media. In an exploding media ecosystem, there are hundreds of newspapers, magazines and TV stations across the country, where the demographic profile of journalists is undergoing a paradigm shift.

From where one routinely hears of women journalists are having to silently stomach the indignity of their male bosses for better compensation, better work opportunities, etcetera. We are not talking of consensual relationships here.

However, most of these stories are in the realm of rumour and speculation.  What then is the reality? Is sexual harassment at the media workplace rampant in India? Have you heard of, seen or experienced it personally? How difficult is it for women journalists to stand up and obtain justice?

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  1. so when you say sexual harrassment, you’re not including ‘you scratch my back, i scratch yours’ arrangements?

    1. moe

      Those are a gray area but such “favors” are definitely not symmetrical. There is still inequality, which means women’s promotions and opportunities depend more on sexual favors than do men’s promotions and opportunities. Far fewer women head mainstream media organizations than men.

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