Why do academics look down on journalists?

Renuka Narayanan makes a case for journalism in the Hindustan Times:

“There is that palpable feeling that the profession of journalism is not always given its due by academics, administrators and those with professional degrees, as though their jobs are more foundational to the race.

“Is it not correct however that many tenets and rules of the law spring from religion, which itself springs from story – call it journalism or fiction, according to your view – from the fact that ‘once upon a time’ somebody or the other said “It happened this way…”?

“Communities, societies and nations, the quotidian lives of millions and the politics of any number of countries are based on and governed by what those long-ago journalists, writers, editors, compilers, translators and pamphleteers put out in their time into the public domain.”

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  1. Mysore Peshva

    Academics don’t look down upon journalists any more than journalists look down upon academics. Many academics professionally examine journalism and its media, but when was the last time your favorite reporter used any research — attributed to a scientist or professor — in a news story? The coverage of scientific advances is especially poor in many Indian newspapers: It is true that knowledge is produced by academics, but readers wouldn’t know it given how busy many journalists are reporting not knowledge but fluff!

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