Is ‘Modi Media’ biased against Rahul Gandhi?

In a cash-strapped election season which has seen “corporate interest and media ownership” converge, it is arguable if Narendra Modi is getting a free run. Every whisper of the Gujarat chief minister and BJP “prime ministerial aspirant” is turned into a mighty roar, sans scrutiny, as the idiot box ends up being a soapbox of shrill rhetoric.

In marked contrast, there is only grudging media adulation for the Congress’s Rahul Gandhi even on the odd occasion he does something right, like two Fridays ago, when he barged into a Press Club of India event to stymie an ordinance passed by the Congress-led UPA government, intended at shielding criminal Members of Parliament.

What’s up, asks Malvika Singh in The Telegraph, Calcutta:

“The press and the Opposition leaders began to pontificate on the language used by Rahul Gandhi. They spent hours damning the use of the word ‘nonsense’, which only meant that something makes no sense.

“They were clutching on to whatever they could find to ensure they gave no credit for Rahul Gandhi. The bias was crystal clear and gave the game away.

“Why is the press distorting the simple truth? Is it because the press would have to doff its hat to Rahul Gandhi, about whom it has been rude and sarcastic? Why is the press being partisan? Why the double standards?”

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Photograph: courtesy Press Brief

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  1. Kabodhi

    Press is biased AGAINST Rahul is it? Wow. Kill me now.

  2. Anonymous

    One can ask Malvikaji the same thing–Why is she jumping around in Rahul’s support? The media’s reaction was fully justified, given the fact that a very senior leader of the ruling party was speaking against the government in public, something for which the junior leaders are punished. Malvikaji, your bias is very much visible!!

  3. Sam

    I don’t know if a bias exists. But news about him sometimes does seem a bit too negative. Harsh, in fact.

    On the other hand, I haven’t come across any deliberate twisting or distortion of facts concerning him or his actions. Occasionally there are slight exaggeration of facts, which lend a negative tone to the news report, But I attribute this more to the reporters own political ignorance or his personal prejudice.

    Personally, as Mr. Gandhi’s well wisher, his low profile is actually quite welcome and also shows his party’s political astuteness.

    Hopefully the media will keep sucking Modi’s dollars and keep pumping his over-inflated ego so that his PR fall victim of their own propaganda … anyone remember ‘India Shining’ … ?

  4. The media got the message that Rahul was trying to drive home. He should not jump the gun when it comes to party decisions. It was a classic example of trying to cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face!

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