When Arnab Goswami was not his ‘usual self’

In the era of news at the speed of light, no “scoop” lasts more than the time it takes for an obese OB van to turn the corner.

On Friday, September 20, the Indian Express lead story on the activities of former army chief, Gen V.K. Singh‘s “rogue” outfit technical support division (TSD) threatened do dominate the discourse, but only for the weekend.

By Monday evening, the momentum had shifted to the Army’s dabbling in governmental activities, thanks to the general’s loquacious admissions on television after television channel.

Shailaja Bajpai writes in the Indian Express:

“When former army chief V.K. Singh appeared on Times Now, Monday night, you expected something to give. What you didn’t expect is the information he gave out: that the army routinely pays ministers in the Jammu and Kashmir government to work for “stability”, as he put it, in the state.

“Now, it wasn’t at all clear, watching him, whether he had come prepared to say what he said or whether it had been prised out of him by some canny questioning, by Arnab Goswami.

“As Goswami asked pointed but leading questions, Singh became more and more expansive, more combative and, in the process, may have revealed more than he intended to — at least, that’s how it seemed from the distance of the TV screen.

“It was a perfect match-up: the general in his labyrinth after The Indian Express report on an army probe into the controversial Technical Support Division’s activities, and television’s prime inquisitor.

“For a change, Goswami was calm and razor sharp. Gone was his usual persona of a bully who hectored his guests, interrupted them at will and positioned himself as the nation’s conscience. Here, he employed his skills as a journalist to extract information from his guest. If only he, and other TV anchors, did this more frequently, television news would be a far better place to be — informative and interesting.”

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  1. Col(r) Sekhar

    Excellent review.Yes,many of us also felt that the now loquacious General spoke much more than what he intended to, or should have.But unfortunately, Arnab Goswami was back to normal form with the omnipresent(on TV channels yesterday) Lalit Modi.

  2. Is Gen.V.K.Singh padding up for the second innings as a politician!

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