Where was Priyanka Chopra going with Bob?*

There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip in the era of fast-breaking news and even well-equipped organisations like CNN and BBC are not immune from howlers in the “supers”.

On Tuesday, when the Congress president Sonia Gandhi was rushed to hospital, look who was momentarily accompanying her son-in-law Robert Vadra to look her up, in the eyes of Times Now.

* Shameless search engine optimisation techniques at work

Photograph: courtesy Berges, via IQ.

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  1. A blog like Sans serif does not need “Shameless search engine optimisation”, or does it?

  2. Praveen Mohan

    Few days back, the same Times Now embarrassed entire country by showing- “India adopts anti India resolution”… instead of “Pakistan adopts anti India resolution”. Some big journos in Pakistan were seen circulating the screenshot and making fun of Indian media. I notified Times Now when i saw Mansoor Ali Khan of Geo News circulating that screen shot on twitter. Times Now managed to get that tweet deleted but by that time entire Pakistan had retweeted it. Here is that snap shot- https://twitter.com/pm_blisla/status/367933780197003265/photo/1

  3. Adam Smith

    The Nation wants to know, Arnab Goswami, when did Priyanka Chopra visit AIIMS with Vadra AND when did India adopt anti India resolution?

    The Nation demands an answer, Arnab Goswami.

  4. Anonymous

    Blame it on the poor recruitment and training standards of Indian media industry.

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