‘Media ignores rural rapes, downplays misogyny’

The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)’s mouthpiece ML Update has an editorial on the gangrape of a young photojournalist in Bombay and the street protests in its aftermath.

According to the Indian Express, ML Update claims the existence of double standards in the media in the treatment of rape, depending on the power and clout of the accused.

“In the case of the Delhi and Mumbai rapes, the accused, based on identification by the survivor, were arrested and charged with rape. But godman Asaram, charged by a minor girl with sexual assault in the custody of his ashram in Jodhpur, is yet to be arrested, 10 days after the complaint…

“The media largely ignores rapes happening in rural India, rapes accompanying caste atrocities and communal violence; or those committed by security forces. The media focuses almost exclusively on some gangrapes, also downplays and even questions the veracity of the daily misogyny and violence faced by women in their ‘normal’ lives…”

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  1. In the context of media, the adjective Indian refers to the English media and in the context of films it refers to Hindi films. That is our tragedy.I am sure the Communist journal was referring to the English media. As a Telugu-speaking person I am familiar with the Telugu newspapers which every day publish a 16-page tabloid (along with the broadsheet edition) for each district of Andhra Pradesh to report the entire countryside by way of news and articles relevant to rural development. English newspaper reporters detest to go to the villages unless there is a Chasnala disaster or a Uttarakhand deluge.

    All my career life, I have worked in so-called national dailies (The Indian Express, The Times of India and Patriot) and found nothing remarkable about them in regard to any aspect of journalism compared to the Indian language press. The CPI-Journal talked only about rapes. Is there anything else other than rape in rural life that is worthy of reporting. That English newspapers have no rural readership is not an argument. They must know that they are trying to inform the urban readers and the government about the state of affairs in the rural side.


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