Journalism, PR and the reversal of roles

With journalists hopping over to the “dark area”—public relations, corporate communications, etc—once they have had enough of the profession, it can often lead to quite paradoxical situations.

Like this advertisement released by Jaiprakash Associates to counter a story published by The Times of India on Thursday.

It’s signed by Askari H. Zaidi, a former member of the political bureau of TOI, who is now the head of corporate communications of the Jaypee Group.

The ad appears in most Delhi newspapers, except The Times of India.

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  1. Churumuri has lowered its standards by taking the Times of India seriously and criticise it by applying old world journalism values that do not exist any more anywhere. The Jains of TOI were at least honest enough to tell the New Yorker that they run a newspaper to make money. The article in NYT about J schools in India reads like a pamphlet and shows that editorial judgment in New York Times sometimes takes a holiday.

    As a person who has worked in three national dailies in India for 25 years and taught journalism for 18 years in three universities, including the first university department in India and India’s top MC school,I can say that at the mushrooms that English newspapers have started, Sir Issac Pitman’s children teach from the bibles of C.P.Scott, . One chief of the country’s top private journalism school did not know the difference between abbreviation and acronym.

    Churumuri, you will not be disappointed with Indian media and its J schools if you stop seeing them through lenses that have changed their power. I only acknowledge that Churumuri is doing a better media watch than Markendeya Katju or his clones.

    Dasu Krishnamoorty

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