India, Pakistan and the foreign correspondents

From Delhi Confidential, the gossip column in The Indian Express:

“There is never a dull moment in India-Pakistan relations. Just when it seemed that a positive environment was on the horizon, comes the news that there might not be any Indian journalist based in Pakistan after this month.

“The only two journalists that are allowed, from PTI [Rezaul Laskar] and The Hindu [Anita Joshua], have ended their tenure, but their successors have not been given visas by Islamabad till now.

“The delay in processing of visas of the Indian journalists, for posting in Islamabad, has given rise to speculation that the new Pakistan establishment under Nawaz Sharif might be hardening its stand towards New Delhi.”

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  1. Nawaz Sherif with a clear mandate could be the new Boss to be propped up in Pakistan by the only establishment the military. Nothing new now that Americans are winding up in Afghanistan and west Asia kept in turmoil the new churning for the next US presidency are too early anyway. We in India have our plate full until 2014 general elections and things will remain in a flux in the sub-continent.

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