Will Indian readers pay to keep their money safe?

For all the talk about the future being digital, the truth is no Indian newspaper or magazine (or website) is making money at the speed and in the quantum that publishers and promoters feel they are entitled to.

Worse, no Indian newspaper or magazine (or website) has been able to generate the kind of content that readers won’t find elsewhere and will therefore pay to read.

Publishers are still groping around for a revenue model for charging online content. The Times of India is apparently inclined to but will only do so with Hindustan Times also on board.

Notwithstanding all this, Money Life, the personal finance magazine launched by the journalists Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu has gone full steam ahead.

A Rs 780 annual subscription gives copies of the print magazine, access to the website and web content, including the archives from 2006,  daily and weekly newsletters of news and views, and membership of the magazines initiatives. There is also a monthly pass for Rs 99.

External reading: Why Money Life went behind a paywall

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  1. I am a long term subscriber of Moneylife, and have been using their app on iPad for over 6 months now.

    It is one of very few publication, that is both fearless and truthful. The articles are full of facts, magazine has very little fluff and I haven’t seen any ‘sensationalist’ articles.

    At times I wonder if they’ll survive the media market glutted by the likes of ‘TOI’.

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