A new life for a newspaper title—and its editor

Newspaper 1

The front page of the launch issue of Qaumi Salamati (National Security), the Urdu newspaper re-launched by S.M.A. Kazmi, the journalist who was arrested and jailed last year for his alleged involvement in a plot to blow up an Israeli diplomatic car in New Delhi. He is currently out on bail after eight months of incarceration.

Published from a swish Nizamuddin (East) address in the capital, the broadsheet 12-page daily (printed, published and owned by Siraj Pracha) is priced at two rupees. The headline of a front-page editorial, which occupies the bottom half of the page, reads: “Love for all, hatred for none.”

The lead story on day one was the earthquake which struck Iran and parts of Pakistan, with its reverberations being felt in Delhi. Among those present at the launch, India’s top Shia cleric Syed Kalbe Jawad and agro-industrialist Sirajuddin Qureshi, who was invited by US president Barack Obama for a 2010 meeting of global Muslim businessmen.

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Nine lessons a terror-suspect journalist learnt in jail

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