It’s all happening at Doordarshan, All India Radio

So, who says government-owned radio and TV stations are boring places, where nothing happens?

Read the full article: DD Urdu in soup over pork recipe

AIR officials sacked for sexully harassing RJs


  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    Assuming that Urdu is mostly the language of Muslims is a serious error. Premchand to Gulzar, you have innumerable examples of non-Muslim speakers, even writers. Hard to understand why the minority likes to type itself that way.

  2. Deepak

    And to think crores of taxpayers money is being poured into DD and AIR? Its a total waste of money and criminal for the Govt to run TV and radios. They need to disinvest and come out and save money which can be used for development work. Further, there are news reports that Sam Pitroda committee has recommended licensing for TV to fund Prasar Bharti. All this is a real joke.

  3. Pork recipes are not kosher for “secular” DD! Yet, if Hindus object to cow slaughter there will be a tumultous roar in protest!Wow!! #IndianSecularim!!!

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