India’s most-watched TV news show at 9 pm is…

India’s most-watched TV news show at 9 pm is, pinch yourself, DD News!

Hindustan Times reports in its gossip columns that News Night:

“the primetime news show [on DD News] between 9 pm and 10 pm topped the TAM ratings last week with 66% market share, four times the channel which comes next.”

Interesting, if true.

And if true, the numbers below, which also use TAM ratings, become interesting.


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Sharp, sensitive, substantive (conditions apply)

The poll straws. They are a-blowing at DD News


  1. Deepak

    ROFLarious that DD News is No.1 !! No one will believe this, typical Govt propoganda. Of course Justice Arnab’s channel being No.1 is believable. Instant justice is dealt to all wrong doers at 9pm and questions are asked on behalf of the nation, so it is natural that they should be No.1.

    But this business of TAM and ratings and claims of No.1 is dubious to say the least. We need to have a more transparent system to decide which channel is No.1. The present system is definitely not transparent.

  2. srinivasan

    HT’s right ! Cant think of regional languge spaces following
    TN or 24×7 or CNN_IBN!

  3. Saurav Kumar

    Now a days..DNA , hosted by Sudhir Chaudhiry is best.

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