‘Budget coverage was better before 24×7 TV’

The veteran business journalist and Business Line deputy editor, T.C.A. Srinivasa-Raghavan, in The Hindu:

“Having covered, in one way or another, 33 budgets since 1980 and, furthermore, having written their potted history since 1947 for the finance ministry, there are three things that I can assert with confidence.

“First, budget analysis was much better before TV, with its instant analysis, came along.

“True, that when budgets were presented at 5 p.m., analysts for newspapers also didn’t get much time. But they at least didn’t sound off without even a look at that little booklet called Budget at a Glance, leave alone the Finance Bill and the Explanatory Memorandum.”

Read the full article: Budgeting in hard times

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