Vir Sanghvi clarifies on Caravan profile of Arnab

In its new avatar, Caravan magazine doesn’t have space for letters to the editor.

But in the January 2013 issue, the contributors’ page contains a response from Vir Sanghvi, the former editor of Hindustan Times, on the profile of Times Now editor-in-chief Arnab Gowsami in the last issue of 2012.

An error seems to have crept into Rahul Bhatia‘s otherwise well-researched story about Times Now.

I am quoted as having told a Times Now employee in 2006 that the Jains had offered me a job to head their television channels. I do not know who this unnamed employee is but she or he is clearly mistaken or has misremembered our conversation.

I made no such remark.

Considering that the story quotes me in inverted commas, I wish Caravan would have mailed or phoned me to double-check the quote. That way, I could have clarified this before the story appeared, rather than right now, after publication.

For the record, I have watched Arnab‘s progress from his days at The Telegraph, through his stint at NDTV and now, as editor in chief of Times Now. Though it is ages since we last spoke or met, I have always liked him and respect his considerable achievements.

Certainly, I will never diss him to a member of his staff. I have been in this business long enough not to do something that crass.

Vir Sanghvi

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