1. A whistleblower policy that’s unreadable? That should pretty much let any whistleblower off the hook. Do they also have a whistle-wetter policy?

  2. S Krishna Kumar

    Just another gimmick to shore up its sinking circulation

  3. chennaivaasi

    Pl retype the contents of the notice and publish. Let us comment after reading it. As a Chennaite, am happy that the Hindu attempts to build a fair system to run a daily. Its Corrections & Clarifications column and the establishment of a Readers’ Editor are bold initiatives in the right direction.

  4. The Hindu is now as good as any other paper as, in many instances, I have seen its content based on no fact but rumours that finally came out to be grossly wrong and misleading. The newspaper has lost its courage to confess than to defend its misleading information by quoting anonymous sources. Quite against the internationally accepted ethics guideline and The Hindu Code of Editorial Values (It requires our journalists to maintain independence from those they cover, be fair and just in their news coverage, and avoid conflicts of interest), in some cases, the brand faces of the newspaper haven’t even restrained themselves from bringing ‘the conflict of interest’ with other (competing) newspapers’ into the fore of their reports.

    1. freelance

      Since you have been alleged, kindly point out which all “grossly wrong and misleading” reports have been published in The Hindu in the recent past

  5. Ramesh Sharma

    About THE HINDU , we have heard bout while in Delhi . But after shifting to Itanagar on duty , we do not come across it .Even in my native place in Bihar , we rarely get it in newstalls . Times of India , Hindustan times , Assam tribune are more popular . What about the whisltle blowers policy in other papers .

  6. PA

    The Hindu’s whistle blower policy entitles journalists to a whistle along with the letter of appointment. They are however barred from blow the whistle..

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