The cover of the ‘last print issue’ of ‘Newsweek’


Newsweek, the iconic American newsweekly, has just published its final dead-tree issue with a hashtag on the cover indicating the digital direction it it heading towards.

Seventy-nine years in print, the magazine published 4,150 issues, saw 11 logo redesigns and had 17 editors at the helm, including the Indian-born Fareed Zakaria.

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  1. dasu krishnamoorty

    Dear Churumuri

    Sudeep Mazumdar has been a colleague of mine at Patriot, the small English daily he did not name. He later moved to the Indian Express and I was in Delhi when he landed the Newsweek job. He is an extremely friendly chap who neither denied his modest background nor advertised his later-day high media credentials. I remember him telling me heh had married Nandini Haksar and also that he had adopted three children. I will be happy if Churumuri helps me get his e-mail address. I live in America now. I can be reached at I will be happy to hear from Sudeep. I have never forgotten a man I have met or befriended.


  2. Well, I do not miss Newsweek. Of late, the magazine had become part of the neo-liberal-leftist-elite-club. Instead of presenting accurate news and analysis, the magazine was serving as a propaganda sheet for the elitist.

    I would rather have my news and analysis from the small players on the Internet. The MSM are too thick with the elite and that is why they are losing market share. Newsweek used to be a good magazine once upon a time, but success got into the head of its editors and publishers.

    They fall prey to “The Almighty” syndrome and hence they got driven out of the genuine news market.

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