The man who hasn’t read a newspaper for 5 years

Nikhil Pahwa, the editor and publisher of the media website Media Nama, is among the “37 Indians of tomorrow” in India Today magazine’s 37th anniversary issue.

The 29-year-old digital journalist paints a scary picture of the future for dead-tree media professionals who still latch on to the innocent belief that their word is gospel.

“The pace of growth and the spirit of the community in the digital industry is like a drug to me. I haven’t read a newspaper in the past five years. Twitter is my breakfast, Google is my lunch, and Facebook is my dinner,” says Pahwa.

India Today says Pahwa joined the website Freshlimesoda.com12 years ago and made 22 friends, none of whom he met. The site closed down in 2003 and Pahwa says he is still in touch with all of them.

Photograph: courtesy Pinterest


  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    But surely he read the e-editions of the newspapers!

  2. Wanted to set the record straight on this, because that profile gets many things wrong:

    While it’s true that I’ve hardly read a print newspaper (or magazine, for that matter) in the last five years, it’s not that I haven’t read any. Makes for a nice headline, yes, but I didn’t say this. Twitter and RSS feeds remain my primary source of news, but there is no connectivity on flights.

    I also never (never, ever, ever) said, or would say something as stupid as “Twitter is my breakfast, Google is my lunch, and Facebook is my dinner.” I’ll probably never hear the end of this.

    This is apart from the fact that MediaNama isn’t just a data journalism initiative, or the quote from Raj Nayak was a tweet and not what he told me in person, and that I learned much of what I do from Rafat Ali and Staci Kramer at, and not from (where I contributed fiction and never worked). In 2001, I’d organized an offline get-together in Delhi of 22 people who frequented, but had never met before; this is commonplace now.

    Also I’m 31, not 29.


    1. Ha! So this is definitely ‘juice’ and not news.

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