Finally, some good news on the media—in Urdu

At a time when the Indian media in general and the English media in particular is suffering from a “trust deficit” with audiences and readers—and when urging them to “consume” is the order of the day—Seema Chisthi of the Indian Express reports on a sterling effort from the Urdu language papers of Hyderabad.

The editors of three influential broadsheets—Siasat, Munsif and Rahnuma-e-Deccanin “consultation with the Ulema” and “in the light of the Quran and tradition”, have mounted a joint campaign for austerity.

The editors, Zahid Ali Khan, Khan Latif Mohammed Khan and Syed Viqaruddin Qadri are urging their readers to hold marriage ceremonies in mosques, avoid dowry and lavish parties post-nikaah, limit festivities to family and those coming from outside town, stick to the time set for the ceremonies.

Image: courtesy The Indian Express

Read the full story: Hyderabad Urdu papers campaign

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Does good news about Islam make bad news?

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