Will Britannia pay TOI for such ‘bad news’ in ads?*

Advertising innovations on the front pages of newspapers is a work in progress. Each morning turns up something new, something scarier, something educative—and we haven’t seen the end of the beginning. Yet.

Today’s Times of India is one such morning.

An “innovation” on the front page of the paper has gold biscuits floating happily all over the front page to promote a gold coin scheme for customers to mark the 125th anniversary of Britannia.

Advertisers usually like to be in a “happy ambience”, but even their deep pockets cannot control the flow of news.

Result: the biscuit major’s admirable desire to spread cheer and happiness in our lives by handing out “22-carat gold coins every hour for every 10 hours a day” ends up in places they wouldn’t want to be caught dead in.

In Delhi, the glad tidings pop out of a news item announcing Taliban revenge for the execution of Ajmal Kasab. In Bombay, it brings a smile on readers looking at a double murder (and a suicide that wasn’t). In Bangalore, good fortune smiles on MBA students going abegging. And in Calcutta, it fills up the pocket of a commando who hasn’t got his due.

Have a Good Day.

Hat-tip: Naresh Fernandes


* Offer valid till 31 December 2012. Good Day biscuits also available without this offer. Terms and conditions apply.


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  1. Thanks God I have stopped reading TOI since last 4 years.

  2. Drunken Patrakar (Will write for booze)

    Hahaha! Poor sods! Time for the sales team to begin overseeing editorial and ensure only happy news is placed on front pages. Jain family, please take notice.

  3. Andy

    Excellent observation..with a fat cheque for the page 1 advt, am sure TOI had a Good Day..

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