Justice Katju ‘Sorry’ for calling journos idiots

Within days of his appointment as the chairman of the Press Council of India in October 2011, immediately following his retirement as a judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Markandey Katju ran afoul of his colleagues on the council with his sweeping remark that he had a “poor opinion” of most journalists.

The “tendentious and offensive” remarks, which amounted to the fence eating the crop it was supposed to defend, were roundly criticised by the editors guild of India and the broadcast editors’ association, and by media itself.

Katju was also, often, boycotted by the industry representatives on the press council.

Now, over a year later, some kind of rapprochement has been reached with Justice Katju expressing his “regret” to the Indian newspaper society (INS), the association of media promoters and publishers.

Below is the full text of the INS press release, issued by V. Shankaran, secretary-general of INS:

New Delhi, 19 November 2012

The executive committee of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS), which met at New Delhi, considered the regret expressed by Mr Markandey Katju, chairman, press council of India, vide his letter dated 21.09.2012 addressed to the President, INS on his remarks that “majority of media people are of poor intellectual level”.

The members of the Executive Committee after deliberations decided to accept the regret now expressed by Mr. Katju.


  1. lsubu

    What he actually meant was ALL of them are Idiots and not just a majority.. Justice Katju… you were right.. why aplogize?

  2. Kashinath

    Markandey Katju has been forced to acknowledge the wisdom of the crowds – and admit that his assessment of Mamata Banerjee as a great leader was flawed….

  3. M.R. Dua

    justice katju has a habit of putting his both feet in his own mouth. ever since he became p c i chief, he’s censured media persons, left, right and center. he thinks it’s his birthright being at pci to call all kinds of names to media persons. it’s unfortunate. no other previous pci chief behaved in this shabby and unbecoming manner. it’s sad, simply sad, that he doesn’t realize the grave mistake he ‘s making. pl. someone tell him to bridle his tongue and perceive the fact that silence is golden. god bless him.

  4. Sam

    M: “You are all idiots”.
    All: “What!? How dare you …?”
    M: “Ok, You are not”.
    All: “Cool … you are ok too …”

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