Times, Telegraph and the Bengali paper wars

A newspaper war is looming in Calcutta as The Times of India group prepares to launch a Bengali broadsheet, Ei Samay (literally, Times Now) ahead of the Puja season.

Market leader Ananda Bazaar Patrika (ABP) has announced the launch of the tabloid Ei bela (literally, this moment) to protect the mothership. Saturday’s Telegraph carries a jacket ad (above) of the new paper.

External reading: A price war brewing


  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    There are newspapers which seek to expand their footprints to inform more readers and there are newspapers which want to make money, anyhow. Time we draw up a list of such newspapers.

  2. Raj

    Many english newspapers of Cacutta like INDIAN EXPRESS. HT , ASIAN AGE are simply reprinting their Delhi editions . Unless they relaunch as full fledged editions , they cannt grow in Cal or corner advt.rates . It is a vicious circle and to come out succesful against mighty TOI in cal , they have no other option . They should offer more north eastern states news in the editions meant for NE . There is a good demand for national english dailies in north east but except TOI and TELEGRAPH , other dailies in english based in Calcutta are silent specxtators .

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