Those PR dudes earn more and drink more too

An American poll ranks editors and writers as the fourth heaviest coffee drinkers in that country, and among the most likely to add flavour to their coffee.

Is coffee the preferred poison of Indian editors and writers at the workplace? Or is it chai?

Link via Srinivas Bhashyam

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Coffee, journalism and blogging


  1. Wagthedog

    Yeah, what do you expect? You journos just ask questions. We are the ones who provide answers. We need that extra caffeine boost. Don’t we?

  2. Sam

    Must be a slow day on sans serif too … 🙂

    Tea is the most popular drink in India. (Fun fact: Where ever you are in India, you will also find some mallu [malayalee] running a tea shop there.)

    Coffee is the most popular drink in the USA.

    A not so fun fact – had a late nighter, and thought I’d sleep in the morning. Friends showed up in the morning and dragged me to a coffee shop – you know, the ones where they charge you an arm and a leg for the ‘atmosphere’. Had a latte or something. Shooed away the friends, came home and tried to sleep. Couldn’t; also couldn’t sleep that night, despite being sleep deprived for 24 hours! Reason: the abnormally high caffeine content to get you addicted …

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