Now, The Times of India takes on Financial Times

First, Financial Times took out an advertisement, in the name of its CEO John Ridding, in response to an ad appearing in The Times of India  promoting the desi “Financial Times” published by Times Publishing House.

Now, the Times group has returned the favour with an an ad, not in the name of its CEO but of its company secretary Amita Gola, in response to Ridding’s missive.

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Thrice bitten, will FT find real love after 20 years?


  1. Anonymous

    Many editing mistakes in the TOI response

  2. Rj

    It is clear that TOI is being completely ugly. Its response to FT London states that TOI’s FT is a niche newspaper from Delhi & Bangalore with a latest circulation of 2.2 lakh. Now, now. How come I, and I am a financial journalist since last 18 years, or any one I know, have never got to see TOI’s FT anywhere (stands, etc) nor have we seen any internet site hosting it. TOI group is indeed being sick in the way it has gone about the matter since the last 2 decades…

  3. Ravinder

    2.2 lakh ? guess aliens read it – havent seen a copy yet ! unless it is inserted into toi or something !

  4. Anonymous

    BS says IRS numbers can be manipulated and tells the modus operandi:

  5. Only ToI can stoop to such depths of hollowness. Who are they trying to impress?

  6. It’s one thing to maintain one’s dignity and quite another to play dirty tricks and get away with it. Does TOI or ET have the guts to challenge FT in terms of quality? And does it have the right to deny us the right to read a quality financial journal? Fortunately for the Old Lady of Boribunder, there is no serious challenge to it yet; not because of the quality of its products (What is Femina other than gloss and ads?), but because almost every other English newspaper in the country is becoming more and more unreadable. DNA on SUNDAY is perhaps an exception; while The Hindu makes some feeble attempts to be different, with occasionally good articles on its Edit page. With all its young breed, TOI looks as old as the Old Lady herself, though the granny has moved into a plush new skyscraper in the depths of outlandish Parel and spread itself out elsewhere too. A newspaper that does not want people above 40 to man its desks and bureax has no shame carrying forward with columnists who are tied to it for the past 40 years, (all bores to the core, as some say) — an exception being Chetan Bhagat. Good strategy, coz there is no fear of a serious challenge in future to its own breed of 40-pluses! And, TOI claims to be a paper for the youth! And, how youthful does the newspaper look is anybody’s guess — other than for the images of a few half-clad models splashed around, which is rather eye-sores in the age of internet.

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