Undercover Story: Indian spies get their own mag

From The Buzz, the gossip column of the Hindustan Times:

“Living life below the radar can be an onerous task particularly for the spouses of Indian Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) spies. To give expression to husbands, wives and children of India’s cloak and dagger operators, R&AW launched its first in-house magazine (aptly named Anamika) last week.

“Led by Neeta Tripathi, wife of R&AW chief Sanjeev Tripathi, and some spouses of spies who would rather remain unnamed, the colourful magazine provides an insight into the world of R&AW with sections based on identification processes such as retina scans, fingerprinting, bar codes and footprints.

“It has a section on the profiles of wives of previous spy masters with children contributing poems, photographs and paintings to the glossy magazine. Plans are afoot to make the magazine a monthly affair with the hope that the government does not bring it under the ambit of the Official Secrets Act. No cover after the cover page.”

Read the full column: The Buzz

1 Comment

  1. vngautam

    It is a very good effort because in many a success stories, the culinary skills & other social grace of spouses have played an important part, especially when posted abroad. They are the unsung heroines who never sought any glory but lent their wholehearted support to the efforts to their partners, many a times a lonely vigil. However, it would have been better if authorities that be had also taken in their “wings also those who have already hung their boots”

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