National Awards for Excellence in Journalism

The press council of India (PCI) headed by Justice Markandey Katju, who has spent the best part of his tenure tutoring the media on upping its quality, invites entries for national awards for excellence in journalism, through a DAVP advertisement laden with typographical mistakes and syntactical errors.


  1. Dasu Krishnamoorty

    I am disappointed I am waiting for Churumuri’s take on this great idea of state wards for journalists. I am disappointed because in the categories eligible for the awards Secular Journalism does not find a place. We have already awarded a Padma Bhushan and Padma Shrees for secular journalism. Some mainscream journalists were nominated to the Rajya Sabha. Mainscream journalists were always loyal to the King (Queen also) and the King was generous with doles.

    But there are already several awatds like Chameli award, Goenks award etc. I don’t know why the India.Inc doesn’t set up an award for excellence in economic reform journalism, The amount can be a minimum of a crore of rupees considering the contribution of economic reform to inflation. Justice Markandeya, please don’t forget those luminaries linked to Radia tapes. Finally, one award for the Press Council itself. Such a friendly body!


  2. The criteria for nominations requires attachment of 10-15 byline articles/reports. Are we to believe that anyone having lesser bylines is less intelligent or less deserving? It is a stupid idea emanating out of the mind of an arrogant, retired judge!

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