Put your money where your mouth is: Rs 500

“India’s first professionally run rural newspaper” is being crowd-sourced!

After trying to raise funds, the brains behind the venture want you to give up your coffee and sandwich—or that lipstick—and donate Rs 500 that will enable a village reporter to write a story or two.

Email Gaon Connection: gaonconnection [at] gmail [dot] com

Follow Gaon Connection on Twitter: @gaonconnection

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  1. Alex P

    Bangalore AIR Rainbow FM 101.3 is having an excellent program on Tuesdays morning 8 am (for 1 hour) – interview with a local media person in Kannada (but press person may be from English or Kannada newspaper/magazine or tv channelw) – name of program ‘Kartha Pathrakartha’ — it is nearly 140+ episodes as of now. Not sure if any other regional AIR is conducting such programs.

    You may highlight this as best practice by Bangalore AIR.


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