‘Media doesn’t figure in society transformation’

Sheela Bhatt, senior editorial director of rediff.com and India Abroad:

“Where do the media figure in this turbulent transformation of Indian society? The plain truth is: Nowhere.

“Making loud noises is not journalism. There are over three million cases pending in India’s 21 courts and 26.3 million cases in the lower courts and a quarter of a million undertrials in jails. Do we care?

“Even our worldview is getting skewed as most English-language newspapers have tie-ups with Western media sources. They reprint the Western perspective on world events. Still we say that the Indian media is ‘influential’!

“Take the issue of dynastic politics or the maladies of Indian democracy. The Indian media has not been effective in generating public opinion against them. In fact, it has shamefully indulged in ‘paid news’.

“Many controversial members of Parliament are columnists and television panelists.

“Corporate influence on the media is evident. On an average, newspapers give half a page of news coverage to parliamentary proceedings. In the name of reader interest much is omitted, while cricket, cinema and entertainment get prime attention.”

Read the full article: Sheela Bhatt on the Indian media


  1. Prof. M. R. Dua

    sorry, m’me. media are everywhere in india. only one has to open his/her eyes and ears to see/ listen to them. where in the world you have so many hindi and so many language t v channels, f m radio station, newspapers in so many languages and dialects. therefore to say that media in india are no where is not seeing the visible, deliberately to defame the people and nation of india.
    finally the annual report of india’s information and broadcasting ministry’s report on the ne.
    wish you a little more openness, broadmindedness and courage to see the reality.–m.r.dua

  2. prem chandran

    Aren’t we getting too tired of these mostly discredited men appearing on these panel discussions on TV shows, especially with a Mumbai-based anchor who makes a whole-time business out of it, boring us to the core, day after day and night after night? What do we get out of these? And, who has the patience to watch?

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