No half-truths for New Delhi’s newest paper

Yes, Kumar Mangalam Birla is right: the media is a sunrise sector and further proof of it comes through the launch of New Delhi’s newest daily, the Millennium Post.

The 16-page, all-colour broadsheet priced at Rs 3, boasting the tagline “No Half Truths”, was launched on May 2. (Click here to view the front page of the first issue.)

Millennium Post is published and edited by Durbar Ganguly, a former associate of Chandan Mitra at The Pioneer, and printed at the Indian Express press.

Daipayan Halder, former resident editor of Mid Day, Delhi, is its executive editor.


  1. alamelu

    Who owns it?

  2. prem chandran

    Looks like journalism is a mix of truths and half-truths, and some lies, with a lot of vested interests thrown in between. Behind every ‘expose’ is someone taking things out against someone. So with the scoops, which are no more than material spoon-fed by men who have an agenda. Now who has the patience to dig out truths? Executive-class journalism is at its best; and it’s far removed from the ground realities. Especially with the English print media and the English news channels, both of which are already being outwitted by the vernacular media. Brick by brick. If Millennium Post aims to provide only truths, it’s a welcome goal. Let’s see how things shape up. Best.

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