How a Hindi newspaper editor became an MP

An item in the gossip diary in The Telegraph, Calcutta:

Vivek Gupta, the editor of Sanmarg—the Hindi daily that made the cut in Mamata Banerjee‘s evaluation of newspapers that can find a place in Bengal’s libraries—had always dream of visiting the Parliament.

When he took charge of Sanmarg, Gupta informed the Trinamul Congress’s Sudip Bandopadhyay of his wish. Bandopadhyay, the story goes, asked him to come to Delhi and made the necessary arrangements so that Gupta could sit in the visitors’ gallery.

In the evening, he took a flight back to Calcutta, but even bfore he had emerged from the airport, his life had changed—he had been made a Rajya Sabha MP by Didi.

Now that is what we call a fairy tale.

Interesting, if true.

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  1. JM

    How exactly did this happen? Some more details pls…

  2. Ravi

    A media without shame or accountability.

  3. If it’s the CM’s choice, so be it. What’s our problem? And, why can’t a Hindi journalist, or any other journalist for that matter, get nominated to RS? Is there a bar? English editors in the past had been nominated, and no one made a hue and cry…

  4. That is the power of ‘asking’. Oliver Twist anybody?


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