After the full-page report, the full-page ad

Mail Today‘s outstanding political cartoonist, R. Prasad, on the irony of newspapers running advertisements from the controversial truck maker, Tatra, when it is at the heart of a major corruption scandal involving the Indian Army.

Among the newspapers which received the full-page ad is The Indian Express, whose controversial full-page report on the coup that wasn’t was vital ammunition in the battle between the outgoing Army chief, General V.K. Singh, and the Congress-led UPA government.

Cartoon: courtesy R. Prasad/ Mail Today

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  1. This is nothing new. News media survive on Advertisement revenue.

  2. prem

    Point to ponder is why has a newspaper of IE’s (past) reputation turned itself into a joke over the recent years? It has a southern edition, that’s now at the level, say, of the Pioneer. Neither news nor ads that catch your attention. A far cry from the days — even recently — of Aditya Sinha. The latest joke is the way the desk titled its front page story on the defeat of Sarkozy in French polls. Write French when you write about France! That’s a step forward indeed. Interesting? Really? But, are we the ordinary readers experts in French?

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