Press Trust of India strike for Majithia wage board

Press Trust of India (PTI) employees are going on strike tomorrow demanding the implementation of the recommendations of the Majithia wage board.

Below is the full take of the PTI news advisory to subscribers.


Attn: All Subscribers

PTI news and photo services are likely to be affected from 2:00 am on April 20, 2012 to 8:00 am on April 21, 2012 due to strike called by the trade union in PTI over the Wage Board issue.

We regret the inconvenience that may be caused to you.

General Manager – Admin
PTI, Delhi


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  1. Anonymous

    Non-agency reporters will be forced to have a ‘field day’!

  2. Balaraju

    This time the media barons have opposed the wage boards onthe grounds of denting their revenues , which is pure bullshit. on the other hand the management has the capacity to pay astronomical salaries to management personnel whose contributions are literally zero. besides they’ve millions to pour towards court cases to prosecute innocent employees under flimsy reasons.also they spend crores to buy new machines . As an example I’d like to make it known that one Press in bangalore recently appointed Three Management personnel in place of one.Besides their salaries for lower personamong the three is mindboggling Rs 54000.00 for a beginning. One more statement to be observed that among the three persons who were appointed , one of them has been placed in Senior Management Cadre. Thefunny part is that theory utterly clumsy. Going byhis previous stint it was understood that he was a poor performer. Apart from that , the other two persons were unemployed before joining the firm. One more observation that needs to be made is that the other two persons were printers in the same firm as they are in now . Just because they jumped several companies for lucrative salaries , they are given top positions. Their seniors who are still serving the Company arestill in the same posts which have been redesignated to avoid paying O.T wages.
    Such being the mismanagement of the Company by the present Head of the Company who too has a poor track record , therefore the contention of the Owners of such companies for denying legitimate salaries to their employees on false pretext should be trashed straightway .

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