1. Job of SE is best. May be in America, but surely not in India.

  2. In India a reporter’s job is is that of a gutter inspector.

  3. In a 1984 survey TIME magazine conducted of 12 professions in the US, journalists stood at 11, one notch above undertakers. Another survey showed that whenever the press lost a court battle the public celebrated their defeat. The decline of the journalist began after the advent of investigative journalism and journalism of courage. After money had become a God in Manmohanomics, the reporters share the same ardour for it as the editors and publishers do. Reporters are wedded to lies and fiction.


  4. Ravi

    The dangers of a reporter’s job are really overemphasized in today’s world of instant copy and PR-inspired journalism. The survey is running on fiction if it compares the dreariness of a poorly paid dish-washer’s job or the torments of a oil rig worker’s existence to that of a reporter who largely relies on phone calls and meetings in comfortable surroundings for his “stories”.

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