Times of India: one movie, one review, 3 ratings

On Saturday, the venture capitalist Mahesh Murthy drew attention, through his Facebook account, to the differing number of stars in The Times of India review for the same film (Housefull-2) by the same reviewer (Srijana Mitra Das) in the Bombay and Madras editions of the paper.

ToI  got the “discrepancy” rectified, but the disparity remains in the Kochi edition.

Rating in Bombay edition: two-and-a-half stars

Rating in Kochi edition: three-and-a-half stars

Rating in Madras edition: 4 stars

Links and screenshots via M.V.J. Kar

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  1. Over-rated in either case. Why bother correcting? 😉

  2. Dasu Krishnamoorty

    Why do you take The Times of India seriously? It is not a newspaper. It entertains. Does not inform.


  3. I think the rating is based on regional tastes. It varies from state to state.

    1. Shadab Malik

      thats how i would have argued too if i was the reporter.. 😉 and its a valid point.. however a counter argument would be the fact that 1 reporter is reporting on behalf of an expert opinion (of himself or the org he represents), not on behalf of the region he is reporting to..

  4. The rate card for paid news [read review] varies from edition to edition.This is also classic case of corruption in print media…..Shame on TOI…..How low our media stooped..

  5. Jobr

    Mostly the ratring depends on the region from my point of view. But it could be.

  6. Nincompoop

    Ha Ha, what do you expect from the TOI today? Roger Ebert? Or Chidananda Dasgupta maybe? Film reviews these days are of little priority for papers like these. Anyone with the right connections to the powers that be at any given time gets to do them. Its quite well known. Look around if you don’t believe me. Or just Google the shallow rubbish that some of these people have written about cinema. Knowledge and insight are of little importance today. Like the films Bollywood churns out, journalists and reviewers have sunk to new lows. Sad but true. Maybe they deserve each other.

  7. adarsh

    Mr Krishnamoorty is right. TOI is not to be taken seriously as a newspaper unless you are concerned only about gossip. Their stuff about celebrities especially holywood stuff is ripped off from the SUN

  8. BS

    Paid News! Pay & Print: Anyday, Anything, Anypage!

    The death of unbiased, realistic and caring news media started when ‘media pirates’ disguised as ‘media moguls’ took over the ‘honorable’ profession as a means to mint illegal money, legally.

    Today, sadly, nothing can stop and none dare oppose them. The cash rich ‘moguls’ institute fear among everyone using either a press, a paper, a channel or a influential media syndicate who according to their timely needs, use biased views and news to shape the minds of gullible public.

    We, the naive public made media the 4th estate and now, most part of it works just as a despot: fool, kill, survive and thrive! The few good media houses and professionals who dare try make a difference in otherwise a murky world are either forced to fall in line with the ‘mogul’ regime or subjected to slow, painful and ignored death.

    The future of India, as influenced by cash rich media, looks dark and demised.


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