Why ‘The Times of India’ does what it does

Back in the old days, the simple principle guiding newspaper front-page editors was, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Death, disease, despair was meat and drink.

No longer, under the gaze of brand managers.

Today, newspapers have to explain why they put news on page one, as the Delhi edition of The Times of India does today by way of explanation for the surfeit of rape and suicide stories.

Image: courtesy The Times of India


  1. […] me to do? Buy her a burqa? I’m already pissed because that damn Ramu delivered the TOI again. This paper has news only about rapes and murder on the front page . It’s an everyday phenomenon. Why would I care about it? I was hoping to read about the Lankan […]

  2. Besides the ads you mean?

  3. ravi

    And what about the new found love for some wrestling show- featuring on front page with shilpa shetty’s hubby trying hard to get the pose right ? another of those medianet client ?

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