Bangalore lawyers not to represent media houses

N. Manjunath, a photojournalist with Karnataka Photo News, is beaten up by advocates at the City civil court in Bangalore on Friday.

Lawyers prone to wearing nationalism and patriotism on their sleeves have vowed not to represent terrorists (like Ajmal Kasab, the gunman caught alive during the November 2008 siege of Bombay).

But the media too?

The Indian Express reports that the violence unleashed upon media personnel and equipment by lawyers in Bangalore has taken a strange turn with the Karnataka state bar council on Saturday resolving that “it would not represent any media house in future litigations “for showing advocates in poor light” in the last few months.”

K.N. Subba Reddy of the advocates association of Bangalore is quoted by First Post as saying:

“We have also decided not to take up cases of media houses as they have portrayed lawyers badly.”

The lawyers are also reportedly planning to withdraw from cases they are appearing for the media.

The faceoff between lawyers and the media is showing no signs of ending soon.

TThe Times of India reports that on Friday, an advocate, acting on behalf of six colleagues, slapped a notice on five local TV channels, seeking apology for the language used against advocates. On Sunday, they filed seven cases against the media and cops in the Ulsoorgate police station.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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  1. This is classic cartelization. The Supreme Court should step in and bar all lawyers affiliated to Karnataka bar council from Practicing law, till such time that they make a new and sane bar council, that abides by the law of the land.

    1. MW

      noted. but before that they should muzzle idiots to bark out fanciful ideas without knowing the true facts

  2. Mahesh Vijapurkar

    No lawyer should deny a brief. No lawyer should take law into his own hands, especially so in a court premises. It is shameful they are called lawyers.

  3. Chetan

    But no media should also act as unprofessionally as they do – playing gods, judges and vitriolic. Pouring outrage on whatever they think

    Lawyers should sue for hefty defamation

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