TOI bossman Samir Jain wants a Man Friday

Samir Jain, the scarily reclusive bossman of The Times of India group—neither seen nor heard by lesser mortals in the newsroom—makes a rare appearance on the pages of the paper, through an advertisement for an executive secretary, with a copy of his visiting card.

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  1. And a woman Saturday?
    It’s nice to alternate . . . I think.
    Equal opportunity–I heartily believe in it.

  2. Windy

    The editor of TOI is also applying for the post since the salary is the same (Rs four crore a year), the boss is always in Haridwar doing bhajans and there is only one edition to look after!

  3. Sumera Khan

    Yesterday 1st time i heard abt Mr. samir jain….sounds interesting personality and a gud human being who serves humanity..
    Hats off boss

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