A Spanish hand behind a Malayalam newspaper

The Malayalam daily Malayala Manorama has unveiled a new look. The redesign has been done by Errea Commuications, the design house of the Spanish designer Javier Errea.

Image: courtesy Newspaper Design

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Good heavens, another Mario Garcia redesign

Yet another paper redesigned by Mario Garcia

How come Mario Garcia didn’t redesign this one?

Finally, a redesign not done by Mario Garcia

Less is better for the new, redesigned rediff.com


  1. Ravi

    This redesign is in response to TOI’s kerala launch & the combo offer with Mathrubhumi. Frankly after the redesign, Manorama looks a lot like Mathrubhumi – or was it the intention 🙂

  2. Alex

    Typical front page news one is likely to find in Manorama – 1) Rahul Gandhi stops at roadside tea stall, drinks tea but refuses to take back 50ps change returned to him ! 2) Central minister A K Antony visits his mother’s tomb (as if he is the only son in the world to do so) 3) Ommen chandy doesnt comb his hair, wears torn shirt (part of CM’s brand building 🙂 4) Some hi fi analysis of CPM group politics / VS vs Pinarayi/ CPM vs CPI

    All this redesign is not gonna help if their sole reason for existence in anti-Communist propaganda. Ppl get news from multiple sources and youngsters will finds this ancient biased reporting funny ! Redesign cannot get the newspaper the credibility they lost – something highlighted by mathrbhumi in its advtg campaigns

  3. thomas

    Another bland redesign. When will this paper learn not to take its readers for granted and do cosmetic redesigns instead of a major editorial overhaul. Next time instead of designers they should hire journalists and editors from Cuba, Spain and wherever and replace theirs, that might create some difference. Good luck next time.

  4. Arun

    Adding to what Thomas said, the joke in Kerala media circles is that Manorama is planning to send a satellite to Moon or any other planet to find if they can get their next newspaper designer from there! More extoc the better!

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