TOI drags Hindu’s new editor, CEO into ad war

The Times of India carries this front page advertisement in its Madras edition today, in response to The Hindu‘s video campaign which was a response to The Times‘ insinuation in an earlier TVC that the “Mount Road Mahavishnu ” put readers to sleep.

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How Hindu aimed at Times but shot DNA

Times readers affluent, not middle class. Mind it.


  1. Dr. Zal

    That was the beginning, now the readers are leaving too!

  2. We know who the new Editor of The Hindu is — Siddharth Varadarajan. Who is the CEO who “cut his teeth at TOI”? The Hindu itself has made no announcement about a new CEO.

  3. Samidha

    The CEO Is arun anant, he was the brand director at the economic times.

  4. jack

    Wait till Monday..

    1. Krishna Kumar

      What happens on Monday?

  5. Tushar

    Everyone who worked at ToI and left, have learnt one thing: how NOT to run a paper.

  6. Shiro

    The Hindu Doesn’t need to respond to this one..TOI got its deserved attention …the minimal amount

  7. sai

    TOI (vineet jain) should realise that like regional parties ,there are somenewspapers which have a local taste and can never be replaced in chennai/kolkata/kerala/bangalore. So in this media ad campaign frenzy, the reader is having the last laugh and will decide who is ahead of the times. Sai

  8. Krishna Kumar

    With Siddharth Varadarajan at helm, The Hindu has become more Islamist. The edit page and op-ed page articles for the last few days concern Indian Muslims or Islamic Countries. The Hindu is now India’s Islamic Newspaper, and not India’s National Newspaper

  9. Udit.juyal

    great newspaper………

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