Times group, Hindustan Lever & Shrijeet Mishra

On Saturday, The Times of India carried on its business pages (top) news of a senior Hindustan Lever executive leaving the company, the second in a year. On Tuesday, The Economic Times followed suit on the front page of the third major exit from HUL in the last 18 months.

Fact: Shrijeet Mishra, one of the HUL worthies mentioned in both stories, joined The Times group as chief operating officer in July last year.


Images: courtesy The Times of India, The Economic Times


  1. abc

    the point being?

  2. Ummm

    The point being, HUL biggie was a part of Times Group operations well before quitting HUL this year.

  3. abc

    1. The said HUL biggie joined the Times Group in July 2011.

    2. The article says that Gopal Vittal is the second member of HUL’s brass to exit in a year, after Shrijeet Mishra.

    If my calculations are correct, July 2011 does fall within one year, if you count back from today (or a couple of days back)!

    Once again, the point being?

    1. def

      The point being…. after seducing a man’s wife, decency demands that you refrain from making disparaging comments about the loser husband.

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