NDTV, Deccan Herald, NIE, Zee journos in plot list

Dog usually doesn’t bite dog in the kennel of Indian journalism, but The Indian Express has a story in today’s paper of how more than 30 journalists—correspondents and editors—are among the beneficiaries of house sites meant for the “distressed” in Orissa over last 26 years under the “discretionary quota”.

Infographic: courtesy The Indian Express

Read the full story: Orissa plots go to journalists


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All in a month’s work for a greehorn journalist


  1. Ha! Ha! All big brothers of Oriya press. BK Dhal paid 56 lakhs for a plot.What is his income?Some one also should calculate the going price of these plots.Mugambo khush hua.

  2. Suman Mohanty

    Wonder what the responses of the media houses – NDTV, New Indian Express, Zee News – would be to this expose. Or would they let the crooks still be on their payrolls?

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