‘Objectivity is horse shit. We have our biases’

Journalism schools and media houses with codes of conduct spend an awful lot of time chasing “objectivity”.

Arun Gupta, the Indian-American journalist who straddles the worlds of politics and journalism and is co-founder of The Occupied Wall Street Journal, the mouthpiece of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, says objectivity is a whole load of codswallop.

In an interview in the Indian Express, he says:

“I do not believe in the notion of objectivity. I think that’s essentially horse shit. Everyone has biases and any scientist will tell you that. I think rather than trying to be objective you need to be more upfront about your biases and be rigorous in terms of fact-checking, context and history.”

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  1. Subrata N. Chakravarty

    With the exception of the first two sentences, Arun Gupta’s opinion is close to word-for-word what I have been teaching for 20 years. I learned it from the long-time Editor of Forbes magazine, James W. Michaels, and I hold by it. Good journalism, in my opinion, emphasizes deep research, solid analysis, rigorous fact-checking and a clearly stated opinion demonstrating them all. Above all, journalism is not — and should never be — propaganda.

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