Killer hospital was featured in two magazine lists

Hindsight is 20-20 and this isn’t the time to point fingers, of course, but the ghastly fire accident at the AMRI hospital in Calcutta that has left nearly 90 dead, most of them patients, draws attention to the pitfalls of magazines, newspapers and TV channels getting into the ranking game, beyond their ken of expertise.

On the hospital’s website are two images showing that AMRI had been featured in the “Best Hospitals” ranking of The Week* magazine, and the “Most Caring Hospitals” ranking of India Today*.

While such rankings can certainly be considered information useful to readers, and perhaps AMRI was both among the best and the most caring, in reality pollsters and journalists are mostly operating in the dark, as the accident shows.

*Disclosures apply


  1. someswar rao

    We have heard enough of Paid News. Is there also Paid Ranking?

  2. Sreedhara Bevoor

    It is no secret that the so called surveys & listings are a means of making quick money for many magazines & TV channels. This has become such a menace that one tends to think it may be better to avoid the institutions promoted by such surveys!

  3. Prince Naahar Jain

    Corruption and Money lust make our life worse….. Paid News is also a part of corruption game….!!!!

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