Ex-journo ends life owing to “work pressure”

sans serif records the demise of Smitha Rao, a former Times of India and Bangalore Mirror journalist, who had joined Infosys, apparently owing to “work pressure” at the bellwether IT company.

A former colleague who described her as “very bright, high strung, hugely temperamental”, said she kept saying she missed journalism.

Image: courtesy One India

External reading: Infosys manager found hanging


  1. I am shocked. She was in touch with me till a few months ago. She wanted to know if I could get her a job. I tried.
    But, her temperament was a problem. Nobody was willing to accommodate her.

    She was very bright and aggressive.
    RIP Smita.

  2. Anand Balaji

    Mr/ Ms. Journalist, it is appalling that you have chosen a trying and traumatic time (for Smitha’s family and friends) to couch your supposed concern to find her a job, in such a loathsome manner. Honour the departed by keeping your vile thoughts to yourself.

    I had the opportunity to work with Smitha in a newspaper and later, in Infosys. In a world filled with malevolent people, she stood tall and always spoke her mind. What’s more, she always conducted herself with dignity. Period.

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